Real People. Real Results

Roman Oben

12 Year NFL Veteran & Super Bowl Champion

Roman Oben, a Super Bowl champion, knows what it's like to have aches and pains after a highly successful career in the NFL that spanned over a decade. Hear why he believes in this product.

Paul Scott

Houston, TX

Meet Paul Scott, a man who was a bundle of health issues stemming from pain, mobility, insomnia, inability to perform at work or to be fully involved with his family at home. Watch as Paul who started HGH with no expectations, emotionally describe how his entire quality of life has dramatically improved.

Terry Gonzales

League City, TX

Terry Gonzalez discovers that something has changed regarding her vision. She suddenly after 3 weeks on HGH doesn't seem to need her reading glasses anymore. She goes to her eye doctor, and watch what happened.

Toni Fuller

Dickinson, TX

Toni Fuller spends many long hours driving her truck and knows the stiffness, pain and energy drain caused by being confined in that cramped space. Listen as she describes the pure joy of simply getting out of her truck and so much more.

Nataile Turner

Chronic pain and insomnia can really put a damper on your life, as it did for Natalie Turner. After trying what felt like everything to ease the pain, she found the gel. Watch what it has done for her.

Leti Brown Secci

We've all had a little shoulder pain here and there, but when it's constant it can be a nuisance, like it was for Leti. Not only did she almost instant results, but she was able to help her family out as well. Listen to what she has to say



Killingworth, CT

Plantar fasciitis in foot gone; deep sleep; much better recovery after heavy labor at work, looking much more muscular, lean and defined especially in the abdominal area. Sleeping very deeply, increased energy, facial skin is more youthful looking, hair is thicker and healthier, lost 7 pounds, mental acuity is improved, fingernails are much stronger, perimenopause symptoms are dissipating, mood is elevated and I'm never getting off of this stuff!

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